Early morning at Metzler Media...!

The history of Metzler Media...!

Previously in the graphics, advertising, and trade show business in Phoenix, Arizona, he moved to Oregon and began using his skills for a local CBS affiliate working in the graphics and camera department.
Taking this skill-set to the local Cow Creek Tribe’s advertising department, Creative Images, began working as the managing video director.
Designing, building, and implementing state-of-the-art video production suites, voice-over sound booths, video production services, and a client viewing theatre.

Producing, directing, editing, and filming many award winning television advertisements, social media videos, and long-form documentary films. 

Using these skill-sets Metzler Media was created.

 We have been producing video now for over 15 years...!


Digital Media Craftsmanship...

 Creating your story for the digital marketplace.

Metzler Media - Award winning video productions...

• broadcast television • social media promotions

• music videos • long-form documentary videos
• informational videos • original music beds & tracks
• voice-over work • motion graphics

   and digital photography... for over 15 years.

video design, development, creation.

Metzler Media - Carl Metzler